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April 15, 2013


From left to right: Steve Congro, Stephen Dare, Ennis Davis, Robert Mann and Daniel Herbin

Ennis Davis, AICP

Ennis graduated from Florida A&M University in 2001 with a Bachelor’s of Architecture degree and has over a decade of professional experience in the fields of Architecture and Planning. He is currently an independent planning consultant/proprietor of Davis Planning & Design, LLC., a published author, and partner in Urban South Investments, LLC., a small urban infill real estate investment and development entity.

Areas of Expertise

•  Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
•  Graphics
•  Historic Preservation & Research
•  Master Site Planning
•  Transportation Planning
•  Urban Planning & Design
•  Zoning & Land Use Entitlements

Professional & Community Involvement

•  American Planning Association (APA)
•  American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP)
•  City of Jacksonville Southeast Visioning Committee Member
•  Clearly Jacksonville Board Member
•  First Coast American Planning Association Board Member
•  Hogans Creek Greenway Task Force Member
•  Jacksonville Historic Society Board Member
•  JAX 2025 Steering Committee Member
•  Jax Truckies (co-founder)
•  JTA Bus Rapid Transit Citizen's Advisory Committee Member
•  JTA Commuter Rail Citizen’s Advisory Committee Member
•  Mayor Alvin Brown Transportation Transition Team Member (2011)
•  MetroJacksonville.com (co-founder and editorial contributor)
•  Next American City Vanguard 2013 Class
•  North Florida TPO 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) Stakeholder's Taskforce Member
•  Springfield Area Merchants & Business Association Vice President (2008-2009)
•  2006 Downtown Jacksonville Action Plan Committee Member
•  Transform Jax 501(c)(3) urban advocacy group (co-founder)

Recognition & Awards

•  2030 Mobility Plan (Consultant for City of Jacksonville) – 2010 FPZA Outstanding Public Study Award
•  2030 Mobility Plan (Consultant for City of Jacksonville) – 2011 APA Florida Project Award
•  Author of Reclaiming Jacksonville - Jacksonville Historic Commission 2012 Heritage Education & Publication Award
•  Author of Cohens: The Big Store - Jacksonville Historic Commission 2013 Heritage Education & Publication Award

Contact Ennis at edavis@moderncities.com

Stephen Dare

Stephen is an entrepreneur, journalist, restaurateur, playwright, and chef who has written about, studied, and travelled in the pursuit of the DNA of modern cities since 1987. He has lived primarily in Jacksonville Florida since the mid-1960s, and is from an old Jacksonville family. He has published three magazines: Spiff (mid 80s), Dare Tabloid (late 80s) and Babble, the Big City Magazine (early 1990s), has worked as a photographer with published photos in the Seattle Times, and a body of work as a test photographer for Ford in South Beach

Along the way, he opened several bistros, coffeehouses, cafes, nightclubs, and two dinner theatres in locations as diverse as Jacksonville, Florida; Seattle Washington; Atlanta Georgia; San Francisco, California; and Muncie Indiana. Additionally he ran a successful bankruptcy practice in Indiana, served on numerous cultural and historic preservation boards, wrote for independent magazines across the country, participated in district revitalization projects in a number of locations, served as a telecommunications consultant for Fondas Karapas, the former National Security Advisor of Greece prior to the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, and served as an on-air chef for Channel 12 in Jacksonville, Florida.

He is the author of 78 theatrical plays, 9 musicals, hundreds of published essays and articles on public policy, co-writer and co-producer of "In the Pits", a televised sitcom on The CW 17, and is currently in development for a new sitcom, "Pod People". He has been heavily involved in the both the national Spoken Word and Poetry movement of the 90s and 2000s as a promoter, venue owner, and publisher, as well as experimental theatre and Cabaret Revival, and is a featured contributor on the forums of Metro Jacksonville.

In his spare time he participates in rediscovering the historical heritage of Jacksonville, and has devoted his life to understanding the processes whereby cities and neighborhoods develop, succeed, fail, and transform. He currently resides in Jacksonville’s Historic Springfield District.

Contact Stephen at stephendare@metrojacksonville.com or on facebook athttps://www.facebook.com/stephendar.oscarwilde

Daniel Herbin

Daniel graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2004. Since that time, he has worked as a senior software engineer for a large corporation in Jacksonville.

Daniel has been passionate about transit issues, urban sustainability, and revitalization of the city's core for the past 7 years. He also serves as the lead software developer, photographer, story editor, and business consultant for Metro Jacksonville.

In his free time, he enjoys biking, traveling to interesting cities of all sizes, photography, and videography.

Contact Daniel at dherbin@metrojacksonville.com

Arash Kamiar

Arash graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Florida State University in 2003. He specializes in project management with a focus in advertising, marketing, and branding. Aside from being one of the publishers of MetroJacksonville.com, he is the owner of Solid Profile Media, which specializes in digital publishing and entertainment.  Arash is currently developing an advertising agency that focuses on shipping, logistics, and industrial type businesses. In his spare time he's writing and taking part in art projects.

Contact Arash at Arash@metrojacksonville.com

Robert Mann

Robert Mann is a semi-retired transportation consultant who grew up in Jacksonville’s historic Ortega neighborhood. He attended Jones College locally and Oklahoma State University. Robert owned his own small trucking business in Los Angeles and then launched his local transportation career at Jacksonville International Airport with Piedmont Airlines.  He also worked with Continental, United, and Dobbs House, and then moved to a position as a Transportation Supervisor for Trailways Bus System. He retired from the US Postal Service having advanced from Letter Carrier to 204b Supervisor of Mails and Delivery. Robert was named to the City Council in Cashion, Oklahoma (Urban OKC) planning and attaining over $1 Million dollars in grants for street improvements. As a private consultant Robert worked with the Inspector General of the Railways in The Department (State) of Antioquia, pitching ideas for reconstruction and new operational concepts in the Republic of Colombia.

Areas of Expertise

•   Geographic Information Mapping (GIS)
•   Historic Preservation & Research
•   Street Railway History and Planning
•   Intermodal Container, TOFC and Terminal Planning
•   Passenger Railroad History and Planning
•   Aviation Terminal Operations
•   Highway Freight Carrier, Express Operations & Planning
•   Intercity Motor Coach Operations and Management
•   Narrow Gauge Railway Planning and Reconstruction
•   Grantsmanship
•   National Weather Service, Certified Storm Spotter
•   Led Tornado Rescue and Recovery, 5-3-1999, Mulhall, Oklahoma

Professional & Community Involvement

•   Founder Jacksonville Mass Transit Coalition
•   City Councilman, City of Cashion, Oklahoma
•   St. Augustine Historic Society Member
•   Clay County Historical Society Member
•   Oklahoma Historical Society Member
•   Republic of Colombia, Railroad Planning Task Force Member
•   Board of Directors, Sanford Historical Museum, Expansion Planning
•   Transit Enterprises Express Corp (CEO - Los Angeles – Cal T Carrier President 1976-80)
•   Florida Confederation for the Preservation of Historic Sites, Inc. (founder)
•   Jacksonville Live Steamers, Inc. (Reorganized as the: North Florida Live Steamers and Railroaders 1980)
•   2Nd Lt. Commander Sons of Confederate Veterans (James Hull Camp, Daytona Beach, Fl.)
•   JTA Bus Rapid Transit, Citizen's Advisory Committee Member
•   JTA Commuter Rail, Citizen’s Advisory Committee Member
•   Mayor Alvin Brown Transportation Transition Team Member (2011)
•   MetroJacksonville.com (editorial contributor)
•   North Florida TPO 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) Stakeholder's Taskforce Member & Steering Committee
•   Sunrail, Conceptual Plan D1990

Recognition & Awards

•   Appointment National Rail Task Force, Republic of Colombia
•   City of Sanford Appreciation Award, Transportation Center Concept Development
•   Jacksonville Museum of Science and History, Steam Power Exposition
•   USPS Safety Concept Award of Appreciation
•   Author of Reclaiming Jacksonville - Jacksonville Historic Commission. 2012 Heritage Education & Publication Award

Robert is an author and historian with several books and many magazine articles to his credit. He enjoys sharing his knowledge of city transportation and infrastructure with audiences both local and international.  He has fathered plans for rebuilding the Jacksonville Traction Company streetcar system, which he first took to the city in 1980, and is still advocating for today.

Robert currently resides with his wife in the 'The Springs,' in Longwood, where he enjoys Writing, Research, Canoeing and Bicycling.

Contact Robert at bob@metrojacksonville.com

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