Jacksonville's Hole in the Wall Restaurants, Part VI

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Five more "hole in the wall" restaurants to try in Jacksonville.

Image Courtesy of What's Cookin'

Image Courtesy of What's Cookin'

Image Courtesy of What's Cookin'

Image Courtesy of What's Cookin'

What's Cookin'

This place just opened. I don't think I saw one person in there under the age of 70. Imagine the demographic that at one time considered things like canned meat, you know, servable. That's what this place is. It's a throwback to the beginning of the 1950s boxed/canned/jarred food craze that continues to this day.

I'm a sucker for this kind of food.

So, some things, I think, were made fresh, but I have no idea what was prepackaged and what was freshly prepared. For instance, the beef and vegetable soup tasted legit. Not too salty, with robust flavors. But, that chicken fried mystery meat... I don't think that was a freshly-breaded thing. The mashed potatoes--I think those were made in-house. The dark brown glob of gravy reminiscent of an "Attack of the [fill in the blank]"-style horror film, I really hope they don't make that on site. It's too dangerous.

So, did I enjoy the food. Absolutely. I hate to say that I did. For what they were doing, the food was good. Plus, the proud 80-something old man who told me all about his sex life and the secret to long life (vegetarianism) and that he eats at What's Cookin two, maybe, three times a day wasn't a bad touch for my first experience.

I'll be back. Next round is for breakfast.

1921 Lane Ave S
Jacksonville, FL 32210
Phone number (904) 683-1306

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