Jacksonville's Hole in the Wall Restaurants, Part VI

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Five more "hole in the wall" restaurants to try in Jacksonville.

Soul Sister's Cafe

The seemingly self-appointed and charismatic greeter waived me in to the restaurant as I surveyed the storefront and surrounding area.

The inside is "bare bones," and I suppose that makes sense as Soul Sister's Cafe is what you would imagine a local neighborhood restaurant with a steady stream of foot traffic to be. Their customers live a block away and it seemed the only reason one would eat in the restaurant was because 1) they didn't feel like eating in their car before heading back to work or 2) like me, their house wasn't located within a one block radius of the establishment.

I am brave enough to try atypical menu items like neck-bones or gizzards or grilled pig's feet or chitlins. That's not true. I'm not brave enough for chitlins. I've been warned repeatedly by friends that chitlins are a family affair and should only be eaten when prepared by trusted and well-loved relatives.

On this day, however, I was more curious to see how they handled something as "simple" as chicken, so that's what I ordered: one chicken leg quarter, mac and cheese, and collards.

I enjoyed the meal, but I would be surprised if they do not use a microwave in the back. The mac and cheese, though flavorful, had a nuclear-type heat emanating from the center, and I was certainly determined to burn my tongue. The chicken was tender and flavorful. The seasonings had made their way through the meat. The collards were not soggy and had a slight crunch.

I'm looking forward to trying the neck-bones.

2957 Edison Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32254
(904) 329-4282

Article by Arash Kamiar

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