Jacksonville Restaurants: Hole in the Wall, Part 8

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Six more Jacksonville restaurants to check out.

Holly's Bar-B-Q

Was this the best Bar-B-Q I have had? No. Was it better than most places in Jacksonville (especially the chain spots)? Absolutely. The ribs were incredibly meaty and they were tender. You will get your fill but you won't experience the drop off the bone "oh my, my, my..." experience that I think is impossible to find in Jacksonville. Finding amazing ribs in our city is like finding a unicorn house maid.

The chicken, was good, but if I'm in the mood for smokey BBQ chicken I'm going to go to Island Tropics for their Jerk Chicken.

Holley's fried wings were lightly battered with, I think, more of a fish batter. I'm used to those flavors when I'm having fried shrimp or catfish. It was hard for me to separate the batter from seafood mentally to see how I felt about it on the wings.

The fries, don't order them. I don't think their fryer is getting the oil hot enough. The fries tasted freshly fried but the texture was off and they weren't crisp.
Go here for the ribs.

3604 Moncrief Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32209
(904) 768-5698

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