Jacksonville Restaurants: Hole in the Wall, Part 8

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Six more Jacksonville restaurants to check out.

Broken Spoke

When I happen upon places (or people) that embody a caricature or an exaggeration of themselves it's hard for me to make any sort of proper evaluation. I become so enamored (and impressed) with the dedication to whatever archetypical thing that is being portrayed.

Broken Spoke is a total and complete dive bar.

This is the type of place where the most sophisticated beer on the menu is a corona light.

It is the type of place where Bud Light posters cover the ceiling and every other possible part of the bar.

It is the type of place where wearing backless pants and a faux tail are kinda cool.

Still, I'm inclined to like most elements of their bar and food. The wings were classic, late-1990s style, crispy and appropriately sized (as opposed to something that is the size of a small kids arm). I liked their wings more than most wing spots in Jax. 50 cent wings on Wednesday nights, FYI.

The burger, well, it wasn't a fresh made patty. It was on par with a bubba burger (but larger). For the price, I felt like I was eating well. It falls into the category of "what fast food should be".

I had a great experience, played some pool while I was there and connected with a couple of their other customers. The bar tender was kind and concerned about my experience. She wanted us to enjoy the food and space.

1529 University Blvd N
Jacksonville, FL 32211

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