Jacksonville Restaurants: Hole in the Wall, Part 8

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Six more Jacksonville restaurants to check out.

Goal Post Sandwich Shop

I guess it's a thing. Whiteways Deli, Wally's Gyros and Subs and Goal Post all microwave their falafels. That's like microwaving french fries and it's totally unacceptable.

Goal Post Sandwich Shop is your typical Jacksonville Middle Eastern-ish deli. Pita based sandwiches that come with perfect french fries awesome tabouleh and/or freshly made hummus.

Goal Post has a legendary status in the avondale community. They've been open since 1979 and generations of families are repeat customers.

This is where you go when you want a quick, fresher sandwich to eat. Just stay away from the falafel pita until they throw away their microwave.

3984 Herschel St
Jacksonville, FL 32205
(904) 384-92627

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Article by Arash Kamiar

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