Introducing Tonight with Jim Alabiso Show

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When Jim Alabiso sat down to create a show featuring Jacksonville's creatives he brainstormed with Kathryn McAvoy, the founder of TVJax to come up with a format that would spotlight the more well known cultural leaders in a way that would be fun, inviting and a little offbeat. We are proud to be launching the results! Tonight! with Jim Alabiso has captured some of the more interesting people involved in the city today! Check out after the jump.

Get ready for mayhem.  Tonight! with Jim Alabiso features some of the best known Jville creatives doing things that make them happy, excited and sometimes extremely uncomfortable.  In upcoming episodes we will be featuring Bob White, Barbara Colaciello, Al Emerick, Jennifer Chase, and ever so many more people being hectored, engaged, challenged, and riddled by the Jim Alabiso House Treatment.

New episodes will launch every Wednesday Night.

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