Melissa Ross: Kim Paige studio performance!

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Singer/songwriter Kim Paige Music performed live in studio to preview the upcoming Roscolusa Songwriters Festival on First Coast Connect. Check out this cute, talented and wonderful singer after the jump!

Roscolusa Fest is a songwriters festival in Ponte Vedra, FL that brings singer/songwriters from Nashville, TN to the warm beaches of Florida for a unique show that you won’t forget!

Originally from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, Kim Paige moved to Nashville in 2010 as a student at Belmont University, and signed her first publishing deal in 2011 with Young Guns Publishing. She is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter with a voice that will mesmerize the crowd and songs that will leave them wanting more. Paige has made a name for herself as a songwriter, with cut’s like, “Heart First,” which went on to be a number one hit in Australia and a cut with David Hodges, from Evanescence, among other independent cuts. After graduating Belmont in May 2014, Kim has been working with Richie Biggs, co-producer of The Civil Wars, and Mark Hill, nominated for ACM Bass Player of the Year, on new music. With a touch of throw-back country, a beachy kind of sway, and quirky lyrics, Paige will be a prominent player in country music for years to come.

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