Melissa Ross: Neil Armingeon and Matanzas Oral History

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Melissa talks with Neil Armingeon, the former Riverkeeper of the St. John's River (who was followed in that position by Lisa Rinaman). He went on to serve as the present day Riverkeeper of the Matanzas River. He's embarked on a pretty cool multi media project to create a lasting oral history of the people whose lives are touched by the River. Check out this pretty cool project after the Jump. (fun fact: The Matanzas watershed is the final remaining Florida place that produces safe to eat oysters.

In this Going Green segment, Melissa speaks with Matanzas Riverkeeper Neil Armingeon and Anna Hamilton, independent radio producer and oral historian, about the new Matansaz River Oral History Project.

This multimedia project will highlight the voices and experiences of people whose lives and work on the Matanzas River featuring the work of one of Jvile's finest photographers, Walter Coker.

find out more about the project (and the River)

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