Tonight! with Jim Alabiso: Complicated Animals

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Welcome to our inaugural episode of Tonight! Hosted by writer, producer, and activist Jim Alabiso, Tonight! spotlights local artists, personalities, and more with casual interviews and live performances. Created by our partners at, we couldn't be happier to co host this show. We hope you like it in the upcoming weeks and months! In this episode, check out the amazing music and the interesting personalities of Complicated Animals on the inaugural episode after the jump!


 Composed of Brazilian-American songstress  Monica da Silva and musician/producer Chad Alger, the down-to-earth pair discuss their album In This Game and experiences from their recent 11-city tour. Alabiso inquires about their dual songwriting and production efforts, where they get their inspiration, the process of collaborating for their music, and the funny Craigslist story behind how they met.


Complicated Animals gives an in-studio performance of the fifth track, Drive Around In Cars, from their album In This Game, (available on iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp). With da Silva on vocals and Alger on guitar, the song is a prime example of their Indie sound and penchant for stripped-back, contemplative lyrics. Its a bit of a departure from their trademark Indie Nova style (which mixes Indie Pop with Brazilian Bossa Nova sounds) but a beautiful stand alone melody.

Monica and Chad released their first album together, Brasilissima, (under Monica's name) in 2011. The album featured songs in both English and Portuguese, and was produced by Chad Alger, with help from Monica’s brother, Bruce Driscoll (Blondfire, Avicii, Freedom Fry).

The first single, Aí Então gained attention from music critics and blogs alike, and caught the ear of Jacob Edgar, owner of Cumbancha Records and resident world music compiler for Putumayo World Music. The track was chosen to be featured on the Putumayo World Music compilation Brazilian Beat.  

The upbeat, psychedelic-inspired That’s Not The Way was later chosen by the music director of ESPN to be played during the programming of The World Cup in 2014.

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