Introducing Fashion Gone Local with Yoanna House

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From our partners at we are launching a new show that stars one of the extraordinary women of Jacksonville, Yoanna House. Fashion Gone Local which will air new episodes every Thursday, will feature elements of style, dining, libations and fashion at the local sources of their inspiration. Many people know Yoanna from her national appearances on America's Top Model and as the face of the CW Network. But as you will find out through this new series, she is pretty amazing and filled with boundless curiosity about the world around her. Find out more details and check out the debut video after the jump!

Fashion Gone Local With Yoanna, is an original show on the new video on demand platform, TV Jax. Through Fashion Gone Local, Yoanna House reveals the latest trends from the world of high fashion and shows how they are integrated and inspired at the local level.  Her goal: To make fashion approachable.

The show’s narrative is told through a series of short videos united by a common theme.  Each video series highlights a high market trend followed by a trip to a local market where Yoanna takes viewers around town featuring a stylist, chef and mixologist who embody that same trend. In doing so, Yoanna’s inviting manner makes fashion and style accessible to viewers. Some of the business locations and destinations that Fashion Gone Local has collaborated with include NARS Cosmetics, New York Fashion Week, The Ice Plant Bar, Bluemercury, Le Macarons, EDGE CITY, Art Basel and Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails.

Yoanna House is a fashion expert.  Though she gained fashion notoriety as America’s Next Top Model Winner, Yoanna has been in love with fashion since her childhood.  She used to translate CNN w/ Elsa Klensch and American Vogue for her Spanish speaking grandmother.  It was here that she was exposed to the world of fashion and developed a deep rooted appreciation for style.  

She has made numerous appearances on news affiliates offering the latest fashion trends and style tips.  She has been a spokeswoman for Careline Cosmetics, Sephora, Levi’s Denim, and Macy’s department store for the I.N.C line, hosting national events for Macy’s.  

She has served as a television host and special guest on appearances of After Dark New York City Fashion Week, L.A. Fashion Week, Fashion Police, NYFW, Glamour Magazine for Fashion Do's and Don’ts, and NBC LX TV for the NY edition.  

Yoanna continues her working relationship with Tyra Banks and has stood out as a feature correspondent, trend reporter, and guest ambush makeovers on the Tyra Banks Talk Show.

As a bilingual host, she has provided style tips in Spanish for the TELEMUNDO Network, an opportunity she cherished. Yoanna considers herself a lifelong student of inspiration and culture and this curiosity has opened doors to many new experiences she can’t wait to share.

Fashion Gone Local was created by Yoanna House, Warren Skeels and Kathryn McAvoy
produced by
starring Yoanna House
edited by Marlon Smith and Chad Hendricks

photo by Toni Smailagic

"Fashion Gone Local is a way to see fashion through the eyes of everyday people, a way to make fashion more approachable so that it can be appreciated from the  aspect of making it part of their everyday lives, and taking away the idea that they can't afford it or can't access it.

I get tired of people thinking that fashion is shallow, but it really isn't. Its just like enjoying any other art. Like painting or sculpture or fine dining.  Its about people enjoying a way of life. Another aesthetic through which to see the world.'

Keep in mind that there is a difference between fashion and style.  And the difference is the individual. Style is what you make of fashion and I think style is someones' interpretation of fashion, whether it be from an editorial, the runway, or even a music video.  Whatever their inspiration comes from.  

Its more personalized and when you travel it gives you a chance to see lots of examples of people using fashion to create a sense of style for themselves.

The Parisian women are a great example of being chic without making a fuss over yourself, they will have a single gorgeous piece, like a bag or ballet slippers, but they make fashion elements their own.  They have a real sense of personal style. They are not victims to editorial fashion, because they own their own interpretation of it..

Maybe that is why my own personal fashion icon is Carine Roitfeld, the stylish epitome of French outlooks who was the editor of Vogue Paris.

Editorial style, when you break it down, is about fantasy and illusion---it can't really be worn every day. Nobody is going to go running around in a forest in a gorgeous ball gown.  But you can take inspiration from these fantasies.  Whether its an element of the dress, or the makeup, or the styling.

What I found is that there is also regional style that has nothing to do with editorial fashion, and regional styles are really different depending on the area and the culture.  Like in Colorado, people have a lot of fashion energy invested in sportswear, which means that almost everything that they do is going to have a different emphasis than what people are wearing in Barcelona or Rome.

Yoanna is also a Jax native and a graduate of Bishop Kenny and UNF.  Following years in NYC, she was delighted to be able to do work here in Jville.

"I love having returned home to Jacksonville.  I have a home here, which I live in, but I travel extensively and stay involved in the world of fashion and style, professionally.  I moved back because my family is here, and I love my friends, and I just think its amazing that in today's world you can actually live here and still stay professionally involved in the world of fashion and beauty."