Melissa Ross: The Black Freedom Struggle

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Melissa talks to Flagler College professor Dr. Mike Butler, joined First Coast Connect with a look at his new book, Beyond Integration: The Black Freedom Struggle, examining how institutional forms of cultural racism persisted well beyond the visible signs of racial integration in the 1960s.

Professor Dr. Mike Butler, received both his master’s and doctorate degrees in History from the University of Mississippi, where he specialized in 20th century Southern History with an emphasis on the Civil Rights movement. He teaches, among others, courses in American History, African-American History, Slavery in the United States and The Civil Rights Movement.

The Black Freedom Struggle offers a new perspective on the literature of the black freedom struggle, Beyond Integration reveals how with each legal step taken toward racial equality, notions of black inferiority became more entrenched, reminding us just how deeply racism remained--and still remains--in our society.

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