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Re: Peter Rummell's Healthy Town Site Plan Released
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I didn't notice... but will the District be Gated?

2014-560 The CRA/DIA 4.8 mile rivers edge District
2014-190 The completed Southbank Riverwalk
2014-305 Docking Rules and Penalties. SEIZURE of your Watercraft for a docking violation. Uber and Lyft of the Waterways
2016-18 The ADA HANDICAPPED DOJ, DCPS, DIA, COJ, Tom Ingram, Ray Pringle, Lisa Rinaman, Scott Shine, Dr. Vitti, Lori Boyer, Aundra Wallace, Beth Meyer, Don Redman, Scott Wilson, Wes Maul, Rick Scott, Lenny Curry Watercraft hand launch.
2015-777 - Munz, Balanky, Rummell

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