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Camp Blanding: History and Handgrenades

“Welcome to Camp Blanding,” a sign greets as you approach what appeared to be an abandoned battlefield on the side of a paved country road. A well-kept patch of grass decorated with restored tanks, planes and military-style humvees could be seen from the road — badges of honor worn by the historic...

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Happy Grilled Cheese in Five Points Renderings

Established in 2012, The Happy Grilled Cheese is Jacksonville's original gourmet grilled cheese food truck. The Happy Grilled Cheese was the recipient of the People's Choice Award at the 3rd Annual Jax Truckies Food Truck Championship. Owner Anthony Hashem is finally in the home stretch to open a brick...

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The Seminole Club in 1910

Take a look at the Seminole Club in a gorgeously detailed photo from 1910, courtesy of Now it is the location of Sweet Pete's and the Candy Apple, but once upon a time the all men's club had a third floor devoted entirely to the women who lived there. See it after the jump!

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Cable Junction Zipline in Sanderson

For adventure-lovers, Cable Junction Zipline Adventures in Sanderson is an experience that can’t be missed. The aerial course includes seven zip-lining stations, four challenging climbing elements, three treetop bridges and enough excitement to leave you wanting more. Check out this amazing place after...

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Jacksonville Beach

The quaint charm of Jacksonville Beach is rooted in the 1800s when visitors traveled from the “distant” city streets of Jacksonville to take in a day at the beach. Visitors still travel to Jacksonville Beach today, but it’s a much easier — and briefer — trek. Henry Flagler's railroad is now...

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Jacksonville Arboreteum: The Central Park of Jville

There is a place in Jacksonville dedicated to conservation, recreation, nature and the study of plants. This 120-acre arboretum is enhanced and maintained entirely by community volunteers. The land is so large and diverse that some feel like they aren’t in Jacksonville anymore. “It puts you in a...

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Big Talbot Island: Cool Breezes and Placid Silence

Contorted oak limbs stuck out like old bones scattered over the sandy beach. Their ashen trunks were lifeless and immobile, even with the persistent waves crashing onto the shore. With every thrust, the foaming water formed into stirring tide pools and blackened shelves of rock protruded from the sand....

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A Tour Inside Downtown's Forgotten Tunnels

Closed for years, a tunnel system runs under downtown Jacksonville, Florida. We went to see what's in it today.

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Towers, Garages & Rooftops: 22 Unique Views of DT Jax!

Looking for a rare glimpse of Jacksonville's skyline? We've got you covered. Here's a collection of Jacksonville's core from spots not necessarily accessible to the general public.

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