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Exploring Arlington: The Residential Waterfront

Arlington may forever be known as Jacksonville's first major post-war suburb built for the accommodation of the automobile. However, its residential architectural diversity and mature landscape are overlooked assets that make it unique in Jacksonville.

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Chilling Creekside in Florida Cracker Country

Life in Cross Creek looks, sounds and feels like something in a storybook. Just southeast of Gainesville is the same Florida scrub country American literary figure Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings wrote about in Cross Creek and Pulitzer Prize winning novel The Yearling.

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Casadega: Town of Psychics and Spiritualists in Florida

The spirit of the central Florida enclave of Cassadaga can be found in the details. It’s in the tall, old houses with the wild front lawns; it’s in the seemingly high number of black cats wandering the streets; it’s in the peeling street signs bearing strange names; it’s in the drapes blowing...

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Ravine Gardens: In Full Bloom

Ravine Gardens is filled to the brim with blooming azaleas each year between January and April, and those flowers are perhaps its most distinguishing feature, according to Giblin. Over 100,000 of the vibrant shrubs were planted shortly after the park was established, and over the years they transformed...

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Hard to find public spaces: Dames Point Park

Metro Jacksonville visits a secluded public space that's 175 feet below one of the city's most iconic structures: Dames Point Park.

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Bardin: Where the Booger Roams

Old men spend their days chewing the fat and relaxing in front of Bud’s Grocery, the hub of Bardin. Tales of hard times and good times are shared on the porches of the homes along the streets. But one story seems to be shared more than the rest around the quaint town, the tale of the Bardin Booger.

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Mayport Village: A glimpse of lost time

Over 450 years of history has left its mark on a Jacksonville fishing village that sits on a busy, watery corner where the St. Johns River meets the ocean. Mayport Village, despite empty lots and run-down homes, has stood the test of time. Popular restaurants, endless fishing holes and one Florida’s...

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The Sad Saga of 439 East First Street

Preservations Save Our Springfield (SOS) shares their side of the story that led to the unfortunate demise of 439 East 1st Street.

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Fernandina Beach

It’s easy to get drawn into the quiet town of Fernandina Beach. The hundred-year-old live oaks are draped with Spanish moss, and they shade sidewalks that guide visitors and residents alike through the rows of lovingly restored Victorian houses and shops along Centre Street. The breeze from the nearby...

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