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No Parking Problem Downtown

These shocking photos were taken of a recent foray downtown.The shocking part? They were all in the same parking lot.Pay attention to the adjacent flyers on the window shield. Driver comments: “This is f***ing Bullsh**!….F*** those bit****!”when we asked him which Bit**** he was referring to, he...

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Mark Rimmer Update!

Find out the surprising truth about the man who demands more and quicker meter fines on customers! As our post of a few days ago noted, Mark Rimmer sent out an email to a great number of downtown entities regarding the new proposal by the Downtown Implementation Committees recommendation to relax...

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Taylor Hardwick wants meeting

Taylor Hardwick wants meeting to discuss Friendship Fountain Mr. Hardwick apparently called the JEDC office to get a meeting with Ron Barton, and Barton’s assistant told him no way. So Hardwick emailed Barton directly. Barton then emails back and says, surely his assistant didn’t tell Hardwick...

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Fair Parking Meters

Fair Parking Meters face a planned block by Special Interests Downtown Jacksonville, Florida Earlier this week, an E-mail purporting to be from Realistic Transportation Alternatives, Inc. was circulated to a list of some of downtown Jacksonville's largest landowners suggesting official complicity...

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A Top-Heavy Administration

Mayor Peyton has chosen to pay bigger salaries to more of his staff. Is this what Mayor Peyton meant when he promised us he would run government like a business? In 2002, the last full year of Mayor Delaney’s administration, the Mayoral staff consisted of 18 people. Of these 18, 22% made a six-figure...

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Happy Sunshine Sunday!!

That’s right, you may not have heard of it before, but today is Sunshine Sunday – the first day of an entire week where media professionals are devoted to focusing on public records access laws which are called the Sunshine Laws here in Florida.

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Sleiman and Peyton Come to Agreement!!

We first brought you the news 2 days ago that Mayor Peyton and Toney Sleiman would be meeting to find an answer to the question of did Sleiman have a right to buy the parking lot east of the main street bridge. Those negotiations spilled over into today and it now appears the answer is yes. Also in attendance...

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Mayor Peyton's "Smaller Ideas"

Is it just me or does Mayor Peyton's "Big Ideas" proposal seem to be shrinking into a "Smaller and smaller ideas" plan? Let's follow the evolution of the "Big Ideas" together.

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