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Large Venues and Small Business: Why Government makes it Impossible to Coexist

Over the last 15 years, nearly a billion dollars has been poured into our downtown sports complex, and city leaders have been very quick to point to this as part of downtown’s revitalization. However, how much of an impact do these multimillion dollar venues really have on Jacksonville’s city core?...

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Interview: New York City Planning Director Amanda Burden had the opportunity to interview Jacksonville's next potential Planning Director, Brad Thoburn. The results of that interview will be online soon enough, but first we would like to share an excellent interview conducted by with New York City's Planning Director.

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Florida In 2060: Not a pretty picture?

With close to 18 million residents today, Florida already is challenged with the consequences of rampant sprawl, rapidly vanishing natural areas, and overcrowded roads. What will Florida look like in 2060, when its population is projected to reach almost 36 million?

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Duval County Courthouse: Examples of What Money Can Buy

The City of Jacksonville has recently selected the design-build firm, Auchter/Perry McCall to design the first phase of the long delayed Duval County Courthouse project.

Read More asks Mayor Peyton to re-think Main St Beautification Project

Members of Downtown Advocacy Group are asking Mayor John Peyton to re-think the city?s current plan for Main Street Beautification.

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It's Official: Parking Laws Change

Yesterday the Mayor (and a staff of thousands) came over and made the first truly breathtaking change in downtown policy since the Faustian 1971 Plan for Utopia.You would have to go back to the Haydon Burns Administration before you found anything as fundamental as Parking being changed significantly....

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Shocking Parking Policy Reversal hailed by downtown Merchants

For the past 8 months, has been advocating the complete revisitation of the ill fated Downtown Customer Liquidation program known as The Jacksonville Parking Commission.

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Top Ten reasons to Think Local - Buy Local - Be Local

Why Buy Locally Owned? Here are the top ten reasons, according to Sustainable Connections and Think Local, two Seattle-based non profit orgaizations created with the goal of enhancing the livability, stability and diversity of their community and the local economy.

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Help Save the Annie Lytle

Today, at 5:00pm, the Annie Lytle School's future will be decided by the Land Use Zoning Commission. Help keep one of Brooklyn's few remaining historic buildings standing, by emailing a letter opposing the destruction of this Jacksonville landmark. We've torn down enough already. Now...

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Bringing boutique hotels back to the core

At one time, downtown was loaded with unique hotels. With the boom in the suburbs, all of downtown's historic lodging establishments, such as the Goerge Washington Hotel above, have either closed and converted to other uses or been outright demolished. Today, Metro Jacksonville points out a few under...

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